Valeria Castellanos Mahecha

“The Brigard Urrutia Summer internship is an experience which fills me with satisfaction and pride. Thanks to this experience I am convinced that I have not chosen the wrong career and that the work-attitude of the firm makes me passionate and the excellent discipline is necessary in order to succeed in all related aspects. Without doubt, this is an experience which any law student should have, as it does not only allow you to gain new academic knowledge, but also to understand how the legal world really works. Thank you, Brigard Urrutia!”

Valeria Flórez Flórez

“My BU summer internship has been a real honour. This has been my first experience working in a law firm and it has given me the opportunity to learn constantly and get to know the work of different teams, where the human quality and professionalism were always present. The excellent environment and the constant change between the different practice areas have been real professional challenges, but the availability and help of the excellent professionals have helped me to do the best possible work. It has been an unforgettable experience where I have been faced with new projects and where I have, in general, exceeded my expectations. Thanks a lot.”

Rafael Correal Rodríguez

“The summer internship has been everything I have imagined it to be and even more. Without doubt, it has been a great experience which has brought the real world of high-level litigation closer to me, as I have been working with very bright lawyers who had a lot to show me and were very willing to do so. Because of all this, at the end of the internship I was a very different person compared to who I was before, with way more clarity as to what I want to achieve in my professional life and, having gotten to know the internal dynamic of the most important legal firm in the country, I have no doubt that this is a law firm that I would like to work at.”

Stefanny Villamizar

“Having the opportunity to participate in the summer internship of Brigard Urrutia has been one of the best experiences in my entire life. The time that I have spent here has exceeded all my expectations, as I have had the possibility to work and get to know different areas of the law, but also to work alongside the lawyers and see what the profession is really like. I am convinced that this experience will help me in both, my professional and personal life. I have really learned a lot of new things and have discovered certain areas of the law, which I did not know I would like. I would have enjoyed if the internship had lasted longer, but above all I would like to express my sincerest gratefulness for the opportunity that I have been given.”

 Natalia Gaviria Rodríguez

“These seven weeks have been full of learning experiences, not just from an academic point of view, but also on a personal scale, as I have discovered what I can achieve and which capacities I really have. There are many memories and wonderful moments which I will be taking with me from this experience: The getting-to-know of the work of a firm from the inside, the wonderful people who work there and the group of friends that has formed over this short period of time, are all invaluable aspects. Finally, I am very thankful to Brigard Urrutia and Brigard Castro for allowing us to live this experience and feel like a part of this big family.”

Nicolás Calderón Bolaños

“This summer internship has left a positive retrospection in my perception of it: I went through the doors of BU –BC being convinced that I will experience the biggest personal growth in a short period of time of only seven weeks. The programme has been a unique experience for me, which allowed me to increase my abilities and to participate in high-impact projects together with teams of high renown and an unparalleled portfolio of tasks, while the work environment has always been aimed at excellence and discipline, but also respect. Each day meant a new intellectual challenge with a deep insight into legal work, allowing me to fully develop an integral profile which every law student should have. I am leaving the internship with great memories, satisfaction for the achieved goals and thankfulness for the firm, whose humanistic orientation has been the guiding light for the treatment of all of its members. Thanks for opening the doors for me on this programme.”