Our Intellectual Property team is made up of a group of interdisciplinary professionals, specialized in scientific and legal advice and in the management of portfolios of Patents, Utility Models and Industrial Designs at a national and international level. We provide advice in the obtention of Intellectual Property rights to maximize the intangible assets of our clients, guaranteeing a better position in the market.

  • Strategic advice on the best way to protect your Intellectual Property assets.
  • Filing of PCT applications.
  • Filing of national applications and PCT national phases.
  • Filing of patent applications abroad.
  • Prior art Search and Patentability Opinions.
  • Freedom to Operate Reports.
  • Advice on drafting patent applications and utility models.
  • Interpretation of technical reports issued by the Patent Office.
  • Advice on responses to office actions.
  • Advice on Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH).
  • Advice on Patent and Design infringement.
  • Advice on Nullity Action proceedings.