Marcela Caicedo Ríos

“The experience as an intern in BU-BC was incredible, not only because I had the opportunity to work with lawyers of great experience and dedication in their fields, but because everybody in the firm worked really hard to welcome us and make us feel in home. ¡I deeply appreciate my internship friends as well as to everybody in BU –BC for making this five weeks an unforgettable experience!”

Quentin Logie

“My experience in Brigard Urrutia was for me, the direct access to a new legal horizon and a new way to think and learn legal work.

This program allowed me an incomparable enrichment in an environment conducive to professional and human development where one grows daily through mutual intellectual exchanges.Thanks for all”.

Michelle Yong

“I am very grateful for being part of the Summer Internship Program in Brigard Urrutia/Brigard Castro. I had the opportunity to work in the fields of law that passionate me the most and to receive the support and guidance from the lawyers. With all certainty, the internship provides an excellent formation and experience in the different law areas”.

Jhovana Paola Jiménez

“Definitely trying to define the Summer Internship in BU/BC results impossible. By far it has been the best experience I’ve had in many years. The work, the dedication and, above all, the excellence of the human team of the firm turn out to be the best ingredient to reaffirm that it’s the best school for being a lawyer, it’s only left for me to say: Totally thanks”.

Daniel Felipe Morales

“Being part of the summer internship in Brigard Urrutia, allowed me to meet professionals of excellent professional and human qualities, who taught me the exercise of law, and its grounds in the formation of an integral lawyer. I learned a lot and I will put in practice in my working life. Thanks for this and for allowing me to be part of Brigard Urrutia, a firm that only means excellence in a national and international level”.

Brett W. Murray

“The impressive list of local clients and multinationals allows the interns to choose from a diverse spectrum of important and unique projects. The lawyers from Brigard Urrutia and Brigard Castro are very cooperative, outstanding and with great professional capacity. The value from the professional experience that can be obtained is only surpassed by the value of the relationships formed during the internship, which will surely endure in the future”.