Luis Miguel Hoyos

I leave this internship with a new strategy of excellence, the consolidation of my legal work as an inexhaustible space for growth. Brigard Urrutia works hard to generate more and more spaces for internationalization, to understand global dynamics. The summer internship in this context, constituted for me an important strategy that allowed influencing the improvement of the legal environment that I work, beyond the requirements of national law. I understood as an intern that in order to generate dynamics of teamwork with unbeatable high-level results, spaces in which reflection and the exchange of new knowledge are produced are necessary in the juridical task; being for me the main experience that I gather from this unbeatable signature.”

Juan Pablo Montezuma

Having worked at BU and BC has been an unforgettable experience that leaves me with very good memories. There were six weeks in which I had the opportunity to get to know a new perspective of the legal world that undoubtedly allowed me to grow a lot not only in the professional field but also as a person since I always had the support of excellent lawyers who shared their experience and knowledge; I definitely stay with a good memory of all the staff of the Firm that stands out for its high professional quality, integrity and transparency. I am very grateful to BU and BC for giving me this magnificent opportunity that marked my life and becomes a strong foundation for my professional career.”

María Fernanda Parra

My experience at Brigard Urrutia was wonderful. I could summarize these 6 weeks of intense work, great experiences, professional learning, personal growth and gratitude for the people from whom I take beautiful friendships that brighten my heart. The Summer Internship program not only represents a magnificent professional and academic opportunity, but also constitutes a platform to meet lawyers of the highest professionalism and forge friendships that now cross borders. I thank Brigard Urrutia for the demand in the quality of the work done and for the trust they placed in me when delivering me cases of great responsibility. For me, excellence is an important personal value, but in Brigard Urrutia it became a philosophy of life.”

Andrés Felipe Posada

"Brigard Urrutia represented for me the passage through a great school, full of challenges and new learning experiences every day. Although the time was short, the experience was complete because there was time to be formed, to know and to know each other, to make friends and to set goals towards the future."

Lina Téllez García

" Being part of the internship is one of the best gifts that a law student can have, each one of the lawyers working at BU is an example of how to be an excellent lawyer and person, kindness, willingness to answer questions and the wonderful treatment makes this firm the most pleasant place to learn and challenge yourself, thanks to this experience I know what path I would like to take in the next years of my life and this is the best added value of the internship. Thanks BU! "

Juan Manuel Santos

“These last weeks at Brigard Urrutia - Brigard Castro were exceptional. The experience allowed us to know a firm from the inside and thus realize that it is full of extraordinary people in the search for excellence. But it also showed us that the law firm is an institution that cares about the welfare of its members and constantly seeks the innovation to make them feel comfortable. I can conclude that the Summer Internship was a magnificent experience of growth, learning but also a lot of effort that involved being part of a law firm.“